Happy Holidays

Wendy Fiore - Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to you! Happy Holidays to you! Happy Holidays dear members, Happy Holidays to you!! Hope you guys didn’t miss out on the Santa inspired chat Monday night! I hope he was very good to you guys ;) He was incredibly excellent to me! I still have boxes that I need to open from members! I think you guys went way too far over board and out did yourselves — totally unnecessary but really appreciated for those who sent cards/gifts! My Birthday/Christmas was partly so amazing this year because you of YOU and YOU know who you are (including my lovely group). I love that some of you have built friendships and bonds with other members — I’ve been bragging about that for years! It makes me feel like we have something so much more — like we have a community of genuine people! And I couldn’t possibly be happier about that :) Hopefully I see you in chat at 1pm CST on Thursday to the 26th!! And that Santa was very good to you this year ;)

Pink Lollipop

Pink Lollipop

Hello my loves! How I’ve missed you! I hope you guys are having a better start to the week then I have! Monday as you might of heard – one of my cats attacked my face. I was on my couch, under a blanket and the next thing I knew he was going crazy – on my face. Totally blindsided me, didn’t see it coming whatsoever. When he finally got off my face, I lifted my head up and I could feel the blood pouring down. I had to go to the emergency room for stitches in my forehead and on my scalp. I’ve been pretty upset about it the last the couple days. I’m sorry I had to cancel chat this week :( I don’t think I can pull off looking cute/sexy with stitches in my forehead…but I go see a plastic surgeon on Friday so we’ll see what they say. I’ll keep you guys updated. I love you, I miss you xoxoxo

Updating in the rain

Wendy Fiore - Updating in the rain

It’s been raining the past two days in Chicago. And today, I promised one of my friend’s that I’d attend an event at the Cubs home opener in Chicago – I have to admit, I don’t feel much like going. It’s been a rough week here on my end, I have some things going on personally that never seem like they get easier. But that’s life, right? Suck it up and tough it out :) Thanks for hanging in there with me! Today will hopefully be a much better day – I’m already thinking about doing a chat either tonight or tomorrow so follow me on twitter/instagram for impromptu chat times :) I love you guys. xoxoxox

Grey Tank

Wendy Fiore - Grey Tank

Hello my loves! It’s been forever! Or at least it feels that way! I’ve started working on a few updates but haven’t finished them up yet (Periscope finished this one – thank you, Periscope!) so I’ll be working on those the next couple days. We have a lot to catch up on! Belize was really amazing (it’s one of the blogs I started writing w/photos – will be up this week)! The country and the people are absolutely beautiful! I really loved it there!
Coming home has been a whirlwind of things – my grandfather is back in the hospital and I spent all day with him Sunday and one of my grandmothers fell and broke her wrist. She was suppose to have surgery but the anesthesiologist wouldn’t put her under due to her blood pressure so I had to take her back to the doctor yesterday for a followup. My parents get home from FL on Friday and I can’t wait – they’ll help take some of the pressure off things! And today is my older sisters birthday so tomorrow all the brothers and sisters are going to dinner at Mirai Sushi! A long time favorite of my sister cause she use to live in the neighborhood – anyway, a lot has been going on and I can’t wait to see you guys! Come with some jokes! I’m gonna try to start the chat at 6pm but I may not make it home til 6:30 (stupid work) so look for me on around 6:15ish – I love and miss you guys terribly!
Cannot wait to see you tonight! xoxoxox

Hi Tide In Purple Dress

Wendy Fiore - Hi Tide In Purple Dress

Happy Monday, loves! Hope everyone had a good weekend! Friday I went to the (cough) Cubs game and left in the 7th inning. I rushed back home to change to get ready for my friend Mary Jo’s bridal shower. Which was the biggest bridal shower I’ve ever seen – 250 women in a banquet hall at Butterfield Country Club. Was fun to catch up with old friends! My parents live nearby so afterwards, I went and spent the weekend over there. I would of done some impromptu chats but I left my laptop at work – bummer. Still feeling super stressed.. here’s to hoping good things for the week. See you tomorrow.

Last Evening on the beach

Wendy Fiore - Last Evening on the beach

Hello, hello!

I have an update on the Kit Cat! She’s at home with me where I now need to give her subcutaneous hydration for the next week which she does NOT like. It’s gonna be a battle giving her these drips. Anyway, she’s on antibiotics and supplements to try to get her kidney enzyme levels down. I have to bring her back next week for another test and if her enzymes are in the ‘normal’ range, then we can go ahead with surgery but until than, the vet doesn’t advise it due to her age. So she’s not outta pain or totally outta the woods yet but she’s on her way… I hope. I spent all night cuddling with her and she was so happy to be home last night.

Tonight, I’m gonna meet up with our good friend Son_of_Adratic or Adrian. Think I’m gonna take him to The Pump Room for a cocktail. Trying to decide still, I was originally thinking a rooftop lounge somewhere but the weather isn’t working with me today. Oh well, I’ll figure it out & let you know where we end up!

Oyster Feast

Wendy Fiore - Oyster Feast

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week! It’s been pretty low key here in Naples – weather is nice and hot! I went to work out with a couple of the women here the other day and we were dying by the end of it! That humidity really starts to get to you after a 3 miles! I took my clothes off and laid down on the tile floor when we got back! I am not use to working out in this humidity, I’ll stick to air conditioning, thank you very much. Anyway, we haven’t had a beach day yet but I believe we’re doing that today so be on the look out for some Twitter/Instagram photos. Chat tonight will be at 7pm CST — I’m not sure how that’s gonna go or even where I’m gonna do it yet so we’ll see how this plays out… This house has filled up pretty fast (another women flew down on Sunday. In case you don’t know, I’m here with my momma and extended relatives. There should be another update ready to go on to the site today so as soon as Periscope uploads it, I’ll take a peak it & preview it and publish it on the site :) I’ll be seeing you tonight

Thai Hot Tub

Wendy Fiore - Thai Hot Tub

First, I totally forgot about this video! This one of the first videos we shot for the site! And I must say this post really makes me miss being tan!! I’m so white these days (what a Chicago winter will do to you)! Anyway.. Hope everyone is having a good Friday night :) I’m at home… I must of slept funny because I woke up this morning with really bad shoulder and neck pain – I’m as stiff as a board and it does not feel good. I went to the JayZ concert yesterday (Thursday) night and it was awesome! Had so much fun! He did a lot of his new music which is good but I really prefer the older stuff and he rolled out with all the hits! Put on a really good show – 100x’s better then Kanye (he should take some notes from Mr.Carter). This weekend, I have another friend’s baby shower – at Hooters so it’s gonna be fun :) I’m excited to see her, I haven’t seen her since she first told me she was preggo this past summer (She lives in NY). Hope you’re enjoying the weekend and getting some time off to sit back and enjoy your time :) I’ll be answering comments tomorrow night and Sunday so hopefully I have some good ones to look forward too! Talk with you soon! xoxox

Polka Dots Bottoms

Polka Dots Bottoms

I’ve spent the weekend and all of today at my parents house :) It makes me happy to be home and I’m so happy to see my dog, Ducky! I just wish I was feeling a bit better. I’m crossing my fingers for tomorrow. Can’t wait to chat with you guys tomorrow evening, you always bring a smile to my face :)

Santa Barbara Pier

Wendy Fiore - Santa Barbara Pier

Enjoyed this day in Santa Barbara! This was on the last trip to CA from the drive down from San Fran – a gorgeous ride and everyone knows how scared I am of highway 1! (yikes)

Anyway, I’ve been readying some interesting stuff on vitamin therapy — has anyone else heard of this? It’s a suger mega dose of vitamins to treat illness? I’m thinking about getting on some super crazy doses of vitamin C & D and see how I feel… I’ve been doing okay but I could always been doing better. There’s always room for improvement in all aspects of life, right? I agree :) If you’ve ever tried vitamin therapy or high doses of vitamins for illness, let me know your experience!