White Leather Couch – Live Photoshoot

Wendy Fiore - White Leather Couch

White Leather Couch
This I think might be one of my favorite sets. This was also one of the first live cam’s we ever did – we had the live cam on for 8 hours that day while we streamed my shoots for the day. I had a ton of fun and got comfortable chatting and just being in front of the video with my members :) You guys were extremely encouraging and I cannot wait to do more with you :)



The Chase!


Sunny Rocks

Wendy Fiore - Sunny Rocks

Happy Saturday all! I’m sorry I’m posting this update so late – I was wrong. I under estimated how much crap I have. I stayed up packing til almost 2 am last night. Ugh. I hate moving but I (finally) am starting to see the light. Tomorrow the movers are coming and then I have to start unpacking. My manicure totally went to hell. I can’t wait to leave for Florida with momma on tuesday. Can. Not. Wait.

I’m gonna take a picture of all my crap and post it on twitter so you can see what I’ve been doing in my spare time. Hope you’re having a better weekend then me!!

Hi Tide in Purple Dress

Wendy Fiore - Hi Tide in Purple Dress

Happy Monday my loves! Hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend. I laid low for most of the weekend so not too much exciting stuff on my end. How was yours? Anyone do anything fun for St.Patty’s Day? It’s not my favorite day of the year — people get drunk waayyy too early for my liking. Seriously, by like 11am there were no cabs to had and people were fighting each other on the street/side walks – I hate St.Patty’s Day. The shirt I wear to chat will be ironic – hope you have a laugh! See you tomorrow!! xoxox

Haze Over Baker Beach

Wendy Fiore - Haze Over Baker Beach

Back in Chicago! Was a super busy week and weekend! I’m gonna go home and go to bed – early! I am seriously missing out on some sleep and need to catch up! I flew home from LA Saturday morning and rushed home to get ready for a friend’s 29th Birthday dinner and party. The dinner was at a restaurant called RPM. The food is good and the ambiance is great – it’s definitely a place to been “seen” in Chicago as it’s owned by Bill and Giuliana Rancic. Following dinner we sipped champagne at the Godfrey Hotel and finished up the night at my favorite night club in the city, The Underground where Lebron James and Chris Bosh watched Miley Cyrus lose a twerking contest against a cocktail waitress. Sunday, I woke up and watched the Bulls win over the Miami Heat (which needless to say made me very happy) I took a LONG nap and got ready to have dinner with some friends at a place called, Bellwether. Girl’s dinner was fantastic as it was followed up with tickets at the Chicago Theater to see Chelsea Handler – I love that crazy, funny, broad! We had amazing tickets and sat so close to the stage, I was seriously considering flashing Chelsea ;) She was a riot and we had a blast laughing with her. Today, I’m super tired! I have a mountain of laundry that needs to be done, my house is a mess and there is no food – someone send help… I’m off to bed ;) See you in chat tomorrow at the regular scheduled time! xoxoxo

Wet Wharf

Wendy Fiore - Wet Wharf

Hello, hello, hello!
I’m in San Francisco this week to shoot some stuff around town and get some work done! I got in yesterday morning and we shoot 2 sets and of course, did some casual snapshots. It was raining on and off so we did what we could. Today, it’s a bit hazy and rainy but we’re gonna try to make some things work for shooting and snapshots. Be on the look out for twitter/instagram photos! Later tonight we’re driving to Mt. Carmel so I’m gonna do chat but it wont able to until 8pm PST (10pm CST/ 11pm EST). I’m sorry! I know it’s super late for most people (and late notice) but I’ll do longer chats next week to try to make it up to those who wont be able to join in tonights chat. See you guys tonight! Hopefully I’m not dead in bed! xoxox

Golden Tux Bra

Golden Tux Bra

I’ve been getting ready to leave to go shoot this week but I’m a bit sad! Some things that I ordered have been lost in the mail and I’m a bit bummed because I was really looking forward to shooting in some of the new things I ordered. Well… it’s back to the drawing board to use what I already have.. hope all works out okay!


Blood Orange Dress

Blood Orange Dress

So this was suppose to be friday’s update but it wasn’t uploaded until yesterday. Sorry guys :( As I’ve said before, we’re in a big transitional period – this last trip to San Diego will probably be my last one there for sometime. My webmaster/photographer, which many of you simply known as Matt is moving. I have given him quiet a bit of work before his move and I’ve been a bit slow the past few days due to illness :( No fun for me this week…

One Piece Blue

Wendy Fiore - One Piece Blue

So this was a set with the wonderful people from PinUp Files! I shoot this over a year ago?? Was it that long ago, already! Wow! Time flies!

Anyway, I’m home in Chicago and I feel a bit overwhelmed again. I thought the vacation would do me some good but I ended up spend the majority of it sick and now I just feel further behind in the things I have to do. Back to playing catch up… My life story.



Hello everyone :) So this set is smaller then I was expecting… It was uploaded and ready to be posted yesterday but I think I’m doing something wrong..
When I select the ones I want to delete from the set, for whatever reason it doesn’t delete the ones I select so in order to get the ones I wanted to deleted, I deleted a few more then I was planning too :( Bummer – I’m sorry. I don’t know what it.. I cant figure it out. And for those who didn’t catch my tweet today, tonight’s chat is moved to tomorrow — a friend of mine had an aneurysm yesterday and I want to go see them tonight. Send good, positive energy their way!! Talk tomorrow! Much love!